Fight Stars On Wembley Card Paul Daley And Rory MacDonald Et Al Sound Off 

17 May 2017 | 1:31 pm

New Chapter ?  “I’m really happy. I’m feeling blessed and very prepare for this fight. I’m ready to go and smash this guy. It’s a big honour. Who would’ve known when I was 14 or 15 years old starting martial arts that I’d be headlining a card in London? It feels really good to be out there. I’m really excited to put on a show for the London fans.” 

Are you prepared for the danger Daley brings ? “I don’t think he’ll make that mistake. He’s a pretty experienced guy. He’s got 50 or 60 fights under his belt. I think he’ll come in and be an intense fighter and he’s going to do his best but I think he’s overmatched against me.” 

Is it true you have ambitions to be a two weight world champ in Bellator at welter and middle ?  “Absolutely. I’m looking to jump up weight classes and take the biggest fights possible. Definitely one of my goals here in Bellator is to get two titles.” 

Firas Zahavi on coaching MacDonald in a new fight league:  “I think all fights are important but I think changing leagues is also a good thing because it creates competition. These fighters are so talented, they’re world class athletes and the more leagues bidding them, the better it is for the sport and the fighters themselves. 

Is the broken nose of Rory an issue ?  “Not really. Bones heal. It’s more time that is the problem. When you have an injury, there’s a set amount of time and there’s no healing faster than that. That’s the frustration. He’s a born fighter, Rory. There’s nothing else he does so naturally. For him he’s a true warrior and there’s an arena for him to shine and you’re born with this mentality, it’s in your blood.”

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